stephaniereifStephanie Rief – Association Executive

The Association Executive (AE) is responsible to the Boards of Directors for the effective administration of the Selkirk Association of Realtors® and the Multiple Listing Service which is separate Idaho corporation wholly owned by the Association (Organization). The AE recommends and participates in formulating the Organization’s mission, goals, objectives, and related policies. Within that framework, the AE plans, organizes, coordinates, controls and directs the Organization’s programs and activities. The AE is also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Organization and supervising staff.

Stephanie currently participates in the following committees and acts as a liaison between committee chairs and membership:

  • SAR & MLS Budget
  • MLS Roundtable and Tour
  • Emerging Issues and Technology
  • Community Service and Fundraising
  • Education
  • Professional Standards
  • RPAC
  • Building
  • New Member Orientation
  • Public Awareness and Newsletter
  • Strategic Planning

Danielle Ruhmshottel – Admin Assistant & MLS Compliance

Danielle is responsible for basic financial needs of both organizations including accounts payable, accounts receivables and auditing of accounts. Danielle also inputs and maintains all membership records in the MLS system, and various web sites. Danielle insures all entries in the MLS system are compliant with current rules and regulations, and notifies members of issues.

Danielle currently participates on the following committees:

  • Grants & Scholarships
  • Community Service and Fundraising
  • New Member Orientation
  • Public Awareness and Newsletter